I’m thinking about this seriously.  So it’s a good question:  Why self publishing?

I’ve been giving this some thought over the past couple of months or so.  Right now, I am thinking that I will self publish rather than traditional publish.  The fact that I’m thinking of publishing at all is a miracle.  Maybe I should be asking myself why I’m even contemplating publishing, but that’s probably more fit for a different post.

Self publishing is not a get rich quick scheme.  Publishing is not a get rich quick sort of deal no matter what you do.  You have to work to make connections and promote yourself.  What is the real difference between traditional publishing and self publishing?  In both you have to work hard and there’s very little guarantee of payoff.

Personally, I can’t afford to quit my day job.  In my household, I’m the steady income earner.  I’m the one most willing to do whatever is necessary to bring home the money.  When we felt that my boyfriend was close to getting laid off almost two years ago, I was the one who put my prior experience to work to find myself a better job.  In this case better job didn’t mean higher paying, it simply meant one that would keep a roof over our heads and money for bills and food.

So I don’t expect anything to come easy, and I don’t expect that I will make enough money off my writing that I can quit my day job.  So I don’t believe that I’m any good to a proper publishing company.  I can’t travel.  I have a book idea I’m working on now, but I don’t know that I will ever be consistent when it comes to writing.  I spend six hours a day in an office with no internet connection, and then I spend two hours after that just farting around while we prepare dinner.  My time is limited, and I don’t think I’d be a good bet for any traditional publishers.

But I can do things my way.  I can see what I need to get done and how.  And I know I can get it done in my time frame, but that means it will crawl along and results will not be immediate.  But the only person counting on me is me, and so I’ll have no one else to blame but myself.