Today I hate writing and I haven’t even looked at it yet.

These things seem to come on a weekly basis rather than daily for me. Is that a sign that I’m improving? Last week I totally loved writing. I wrote stuff that surprised me and I had that good gut feeling that I get when she’s all blissed out and relaxed after a job well done. Still, I only added about 1,500 words all week to my main manuscript.

The week before that I was having a freak out. I was sure that I would never be good enough for anyone to take seriously. Though I suppose that’s not new, I’m never sure I’m good enough to be taken seriously. Word count added the week before last? About 1,500 words.

These weekly mood swings drive me nuts. It’s hard to write when I’m too much one way or another. I’ve been trying to think of tricks that’ll help me move forward no matter what I’m feeling. And I think it’s sort of working out as a troubleshooting manual.


Problem: I don’t want to write. I have the ideas, but there’s so much to do.

Causes: I’m lazy.

Solution: Just write. Write about writing or write thoughts down about characters until you get in the groove.


Problem: I’m freaking out. I can’t write. No one is going to buy this shit.

Causes: Lack of confidence

Solution: Ignore yourself and just write.


Problem: I love writing. SO. MUCH.

Causes: Arrogance

Solution: Go with it man! Just remember to stay focused and write, don’t get lost thinking about writing.


Problem: I’m burnt out. I can’t look at this anymore.

Causes: You work too damn much and think about it too often!

Solution: Take a break. Work on another project or take a weekend off. Or even better, self, take every weekend off. Thinking about the project is cool, but don’t bother looking at it or trying to add onto it.


This is probably pretty obvious for people who’ve been at this a while, but this is new for me. Writing has always been my escape, but that was when I needed an escape. Now I need writing to be something else for me, and so I have to learn of new ways to deal with it so that I can keep going forward.