How does this keep happening?

So one of the things I’m thinking of doing is gathering self-published books that I’ve read and giving them their own list. This will probably involve reviews of some sort, which is dangerous territory for me. I’m sort of a hippie in that I don’t like to judge, but I do like to talk about what I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about a story.

Because it is hard to find good books sometimes, whether independent or traditional, and I like to spread the word when I find a good one.

I’d also like to post up a couple of links I liked. One has been making its way around Twitter, so everyone has probably come across this already. Self-Publishing– The American Idol of the Publishing World.

I’d also like to share two entries from Kait Nolan’s blog. I haven’t read her stuff, but she’s an indie author who sounds like she knows exactly what she’s talking about, plus she’s willing to share her knowledge. A Tome About Promo for Indie Authors: Part 1 and Part 2.


Well, that sort of ends my Monday post. I just like to let the blog know I’m still around so it doesn’t worry.