My sister recently sent me an invite for Linked In. I’d forgotten all about that site. Man, there are just so many social networking sites that it is really hard to keep up. And is it always worth it?

So I thought I would do a quick write down of the sites I’ve tried and my quick first thoughts on them from the point of view of a shy  girl.

Twitter – King of social media sites. For a shy girl like me, this works the best. I can toss out thoughts and people may or may not respond, but I never feel snubbed. It’s easy to hide among the updates.

Facebook – This seems to always be second on the list of social media sites. I have a Facebook, but I don’t use it often. My only connections are very close friends and family, and when those people don’t respond to my “status” updates, I know and my page looks rather lonely. Plus, this relies heavily on putting the “real” you out there with pictures and your name and junk. Yikes!

Myspace – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good Myspace Page. And is it just me or does anyone else get a dirty feeling from Myspace? Sort of like you’re walking along and hit the bad part of town. Makes me think of street corners where undesirables keep asking you if it’s your birthday or you want to party.

Linked in – Little mentioned, this one at least seems serious. Maybe too serious? I’m not quite sure how to use it yet or how to make connections outside of the connections I already have. It’s another site that offers you people you “may know” so that you can connect to them, but will I be seen as a pariah? Just connecting to people the same way spammers do?

Deviant Art– Also never talked about (possibly because it’s unknown except in certain internet circles?). This is mostly an artists’ community which means drawing in just about everyone’s head. Writing gets very little respect there because, you know, people would have to spend a minute and read stuff when, for the most part, people are only there to look at pictures. Requires a different finesse when posting up pieces that I haven’t discovered, but I will. For a shy girl, this is preparation for my future indie author career because no one really cares and I’m learning to be okay with that and carry on.

Goodreads– Just starting to get into this one, so I’m not exactly sure how it works yet. I just like gathering all the books I’ve read (that I can remember) and then feeling impressed with myself, but I know there is more, much more, to this site. A recent blog by Kait Nolan goes more in-depth about the possibilities of Goodreads.


Experiences? Thoughts? Other site recommendations I should try?