Mondays are great for assessment. It’s the start of my week generally, which means it’s always the coldest starkest morning compared to the others of the week. I really feel that I can take a fresh, clear and realistic view of myself on Mondays.

So this morning, let me point out that I’ve changed the name of the blog. I’m horrible at thinking up names for things. (Another sign of issues as an author.) Last week, a friend of mine gave me this mug I thought was just adorable and touching. She happened across it and knew she had to get it for me as a gift for my birthday. It’s completely white, except for this small design:

It took me a week. First I didn’t touch it because I didn’t want to mess it up. But then I had a hankering for pretend coffee (that’s hot cocoa to normal people) and it happened to be the last clean mug. (Very important to drink pretend coffee out of a mug or throw away cup you get from a coffee house otherwise what is the point?)

Then just last night, I realized I could use that as my blog title. It’s perfect, really. A quick search didn’t find any ties to any other sites of blogs or anything else. And it fits my main message.

People do a lot of lists of the “10 things you must do” or “11 things you must not do.” Everything sounds very authoritative, especially coming from the mouths of people who have more experience than I do. Honestly, there are times I feel like an impostor trying to slip into a world I don’t belong and I do get a little embarrassed about it.

But this is my story. It isn’t going to work out exactly the same as someone else’s, and what they do isn’t necessarily going to work for me. It might not even work. I am prepared for that. I harbor no illusions– well except for the stray ones I do feed out the back door when no one’s looking, but those don’t count because I definitely don’t let them inside… all the time.

Anyway, the point is that everyone has to take the path with which they feel most comfortable. And this is my path.