I am not a planner and I have nothing to plan. Still, I really want a calendar where I can put important writing notes. It just seems so awesome.

One good friend is great at setting goals. I am envious of her goal setting. (Yes Laura, I’m looking at you.) She makes it look so easy and sound so reasonable. But I cannot set goals. Set a date for a chapter to be ready and my hippie brain suddenly resists and wants to know what would constitute a chapter.

Sigh. I was a little saddened that I wouldn’t be able to use any cool planners or online calendars because my brain is so stubborn. And then I came up with my best motivational trick.

I keep track of word counts on my Google calendar.

Something about it is so simple. At a glance, I can see progress. I can wallow in it and celebrate it. I can change the colors! I can see holidays and make little notes and add to do lists for myself if I’m so inclined. (I’m generally not.)

It’s a really easy way to see how fast you move, and then, once you have a feel for your pace, you can start doing crazy things like setting realistic goals. My brain isn’t even aware of it. She still thinks she’s the one in control. Ha!