My brain has left thoughts lying everywhere this morning. It’s looking as cluttered as this house.

I’ve been trying to think about what I want to say this morning, because I have something to say this morning with all these thoughts, and then it occurred to me I didn’t have to say anything. I can just link to the blogs that helped get my thoughts going this morning.

Making a Living as a Writer. Lots of great ideas here from Catharine Ryan Howard, a self published author. Her blog is pretty interesting too. She has plenty of posts about her experience self publishing. (And she’s out of Ireland for my friends who aren’t US-ian or Canadian.)

Maureen Johnson’s Manifesto (discovered via Amy Rose Davis). This is why “branding” and “marketing” is dangerous, and exactly why I’m not gonna do it. At least not like that.

What Not to do as a Writer’s newest mistake. If you’re going to do something you believe in, then do it right. Go for it.

Also, I’ve updated my About Page. I’ll probably be doing this a lot for a while. Fiddling with this and that as I get a different sense of what I want to put out there and what needs to be said.

Most importantly, I’ve set a date for when I want to release my first book. I’m going the Indie Publishing route, and I’ll be honest– I’m terrified. I think I’ve been avoiding talking about it and looking for excuses to NOT say it because I’m scared. There is a possibility that I will fail. And by “fail” I mean, never get this book off the ground. Either not finish, or worse finish and then not have a person care.

But I do believe in this story, and so I have to be sure to say it. I’m telling family (they haven’t really listened or understood), friends (thank you for the support), and even told one of the tenants here at my job who now stops in every other day or so to make sure that I’m writing or at least have written something. Perhaps I should have shirts made? “I’m writing a novel. If I’m not writing when you see this shirt stop me!”