Or at least the fear of my marketing failing. Yeah, I have it. I believe in the product I’m working on, but I’m still terrified that I will somehow fail and it stresses me out.

But let me present to you Exhibit A. This was the first indie book I read and I can’t remember how I came across it.  This is a book by  person who is a complete non-entity as far as I can tell. He has no website, no bio in the back of his book, no twitter, no blog. He doesn’t market this book at all. It is just sitting out there in cyber space alone. Maybe it’s all just an experiment for him? Or maybe it’s a joke? Who knows.

I don’t know if there’s a way to get download numbers for a book that is not mine, so I decided that I would take a peek at the good reads page and see how many reviews it has.

Thirty. That’s not an astounding number on its own but this is from a person who hasn’t done anything at all. When you think about it, that is sort of amazing. And it catches on like a slow crawling virus. As it appears on more “to read” or “read” lists, more people see it and give it a try.

Of course there is a small difference, this is a free book. So there’s no risk for the reader. Still, I consider this an interesting experiment and I choose to believe that it is one tiny piece of proof towards my personal theory.

It’s impossible to fail. Can you sell negative books? No. Will people who buy your books ask for their money back? No. So why the fear?

Give it time. I need to remind myself this a lot. It takes time to reach a point where things will stop seeming like an uphill battle. So I won’t bother trying to run up that hill. I’m just gonna take a leisurely walk.