Monday again, so time for a clear headed assessment of what is going on this morning and what I’m heading into this week, and I’ve only got one thing to say.


I don’t think my head is so clear at the moment. I am a sloppy writer. It works for me though, so I’m not going to knock it. Reading one of my stories, you’ll hopefully get a sense that there are layers and layers to it. That’s because there are. I literally write everything at once. It’s like being The Gamemaster. (Wow, yes I broke that off beat reference out.)

So last night, one hour before bed, I suddenly remembered that there was a scene I had written in a notebook that I thought I had typed up but it turned out that I actually hadn’t. Oops! Well, it was rather recently written, so it should be an easy matter to go back to my previous journal and just find the scene.

Currently, I have six journals surrounding me, four that I’ve made it through. Two with millions of post it notes on pages for things that I need to type up but haven’t. I feel like one of those incompetent people in infomercials. I swear I can open a jar, read a book, and cut things. Really I can!

And still, though I feel like an idiot because I can’t remember which journal it was I wrote this important scene, I love it. I love having millions of notes and figuring out ways to trick myself into organizing them. I love having many different stories playing in my head at the same time. And I even love my poor memory that lets story bits I’ve written down slip away so that when I revisit them I can barely remember having written them. I surprise myself constantly.

So I guess my question is how do other organize things? Neat and orderly or are you a horrible mess like me (and those infomercial people)?