I will freely admit it. But not because of the deal. It’s because of her output. Like wow! I read her most recent blog post and she mentions having 19 books already written. That is just.. I’m astounded and so jealous that she can focus despite everything is going on and manage to still write (though I know she’s said that she doesn’t get nearly enough time to focus and write).

With as much writing as she does, and as many books as she manages to produce, there’s no way I could fault her for selling some of her books. As she says, it’s not about the money. If she wanted, she could self publish the books she has and make much more money than this deal will net her. But she’s already working hard with the books she has out now, and she’s spoken about how little writing time she already gets. Why not just let some stories go and let someone else deal with them?

But most importantly to me as a writer, I want to write like that! She talks in her latest blog post of how she wants to be a household name the name the same way James Patterson is. Well I want to be like Hocking in terms of output. Perhaps not publishing as fast as her, but at least writing even more, getting everything in my head out. Actually pushing my novel forward everyday.

My newest goal is to continue adding pieces onto the novel each day no matter what. Even if it’s only a few hundred words. And if I cut words out as I’ve done this week, I will add words to cover the difference and add onto the total.

My other goal is to write up all my damn notebooks. Holy crap I let those things pile up. But in my new “going to be organized” phase here, I’m determined to be sure to write up even tiny pieces and file them away. I do have a lot of stuff that will be used that needs to be saved.