Monday, I talked about knowing your weakness and asked others to participate and share their own weaknesses.

Man, what was I thinking? That had to be my most depressing post! But I also learned from it. Everyone who so boldly commented with their own pitfalls are all people I’d consider good friends and great writers.

To want to be writers, to believe we have a story worth sharing, takes a good amount of arrogance, but it also takes humbleness to make something worthy of another person’s reading time. It’s probably why we’re all a little crazy. We have to be in order to balance out the insecurities and the awesomeness that comes packaged in one writer.

So today, I thought we’d let loose and share our strengths! Go on and brag. No self effacing, no buts, no insecurities. Brag about your writing strengths. What can you do like no other?

(This post possibly might be a copy cat of Lisa Kilian’s Bragging Rights feature on What Not to do as a Writer that she now does every Friday. Perhaps. If you haven’t bragged at her blog, you probably should. And it’s weekly!)