The other day Kristen Lamb posted an interesting tweet. “Someone made an interesting point. Our book is not our baby. We want to sell our books; we wouldn’t sell our children. Deep stuff.”

What can I say? It’s a complicated relationship. My stories and my characters are kinda my babies, though I admit that now that I’m older there is a distance between them and me. They’re not my children so much as good friends of mine who now feel comfortable enough with me to share bits and pieces of their stories.

But I’m not selling my story. What I will be selling will be entertainment. Considering my characters and their stories, I can sort of see them all ready crossing their arms and tapping their feet and *ahem-ing* me. But it’s true. What I want to do is transport people away for a few hours to a different world and introduce them to some characters I happen to think are pretty interesting. (You now know me and characters.)

So I’m not selling my story, I’m providing a service and asking for support. And one day, I’d love it very much if people enjoyed my work enough to want to tell others and support me. But to be honest, I’m not expecting that for a few years. Not until I have more than a few books out and people see what I’m all about. One good book may be a fluke, but a couple of good books and people will know they can trust me. Hopefully.

Do you look at your work as your baby? Have you ever?