The past two days I’ve been getting a lot done. I’ve also been extra introverted and not wanting to chat or talk with people too much. Sometimes it’s just draining. The important thing for me is to acknowledge it and accept it.

It’s also a great excuse to goof off and play some video games. My current obsession is Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition for the PSP. Beautiful graphics! I am in love with it. But I am regretting adding a monk to my party line up. I always do.

Of course this is also a great time for reading. Have I mentioned a good friend of mine has just released her debut novella Timeless Heart? Congrats to Karyn Gerrard! I started it yesterday. Romance is not a genre I typically read, but Karyn has a talent. She’s able to at once be very serious and very silly. It’s okay to read her book and laugh, even her characters poke fun at themselves and their romance novel reactions. But I’m in love with her charming, frustrated, and impatient male lead. It will happen. She has a talent I tell you.

And while on the subject, Joseph Robert Lewis’ The Broken Sword is out. I’m not just mentioning it because he pays really well. (I got to beta read and he gave a character my name. 🙂 ) I really enjoy his stories. I’d also highly recommend checking out his Tales of Asha. It has a very classic, exotic adventure novel feel to it and almost reminds me of Kipling and the Jungle Book (don’t quote me there, I haven’t read the Jungle Book in years).

Also, I pledged to donate to this comic called ReShoot. It sounds interesting, and the art looks wonderful. Check it out and pass on word and see if maybe someone else feels the same?

That’s all I got for now except for two comics I thought were awesome this week and a decorating tip.

Corporate Fox. You don’t know this, but that’s me behind the scenes. The serious Raccoon is my boyfriend, Jay. Ah the things he puts up with.

Zombie Marie Curie. Some true words. Of course I’m talking about her warning about Radium.

I’m sorry to some friends who have seen this over and over, but I thought it was a clever idea on my part. I adore my Atari game booklets. So I hung them up in my living room.

How was your week? Did you do anything cool or happen across anything neat?