I have this one “story” that keeps coming to me in many different forms, and every time I write it or think about it, it changes again. The essence is there, but it’s always so different that I can’t make it form anything coherent.

It was a little bothersome and annoying. Shouldn’t I be able to control this to a degree? Shouldn’t I be able to make something behave and be readable? This story is so all over the place and always shifting. One character is so weak. Plus this is a theme that I’ve dealt with before, and better, in another short story. Why would I even need to revisit it again with this story?

I worked on this story over the weekend, writing yet another contradictory scene and having just too much fun draging these characters around and seeing where they end up, I came to a realization that was so obvious I could have smacked myself.

This doesn’t have to be written for anyone other than me. I don’t have to polish this story up or make plans for it. It’s okay for me to just write it for fun the same way I used to play with action figures and dolls when I was little. I’m just pretending and writing and experimenting with a story and it never needs to see the light of day.

It will probably never settle down and be one story. It’s always going to be this strange mash up constantly shifting. It’s my self-indulgence.

It’s a silly and obvious realization for me. Of course not everything I write needs to be seen. At some point, I turned on this switch where I thought everything has to be a project that should be prepared to be read by others. I don’t know where that crazy idea came from because no one has ever said that anywhere, but it was there.

I don’t really know how to end this but to add an extra durr. Have you ever come to a realization that’s so simple it’s obvious but you lost sight of it somewhere when getting involved in something?