Though it seems everyone I know has disappeared too in the same way I have. But everyone else has a good excuse. I don’t really except that I just didn’t feel like it.

Still, I’ve been hard at work. I did take a week off from writing last week, and I took the time to play extra games. 😀 Sometimes it’s just important to do that. Though I am still editing. I’m mostly done with it. This is a first novel, but this is like the millionth incarnation of it. I’ve been writing this forever really, and it’s finally closer to where  it needs to be.

Also, a couple weekends ago I got my cover. I asked a well known web comic artist whose style I thought fit the mood perfectly to paint me a cover. Using stock didn’t feel right, and looking at other books in my genre (I’m going with fantasy/science fiction, and not picking either but both), the best classic covers have been original art. Plus I need it to stand out from the rest of the e-book pack, and I think this artist has accomplished that.

The artist I went with is Sarah Ellerton. She can also be found here.

This weekend, I also created a site for the book with a book blurb and series blurb. The idea is that I will make post cards (still looking into that so if anyone has any tips for good printing services, please share) and then have those post cards point to the site.

There’s going to be the first ever anime convention in my city, and so I’m trying to prepare for that even as I work on the novel and get it prepared to meet the public. Basically, my audience is probably anyone who likes comic books, anime, science fiction and fantasy. I am sure I can reach people out of those groups too, but I’m a part of all those groups myself, so I think it’s realistic for me to aim for those groups in all my normal nerdy ways.


The web site is here. There’s also a Facebook page here. Liking it will not hurt, and may actually make me pretty happy. It may also one day give you geek cred.*


* I can’t guarantee that.