So the Playstation Network is back, and part of their welcome back deal was that they offered two free games for download. I figured that it was definitely owed me after the whole debaucle.

One of the games happened to be a game I’ve wanted forever without really knowing or understanding much about it, and let me tell you I’m in love! As a gamer, a writer, and a big kid at heart.

I’m talking about Little Big Planet. Unfortunately it’s only on Playstation, but it is such an amazing and awesome game that I wish it were available more widely. I know all my simming circle friends would probably get a kick out of this game.

The idea is very simple. You are a little sack person who is completely customiable. (I recently picked up some fruit suits for him on the online store, but there’s a LOT of free content in the game already– just I couldn’t resist turning him into a pineapple.)

It’s a basic side scrolling platformer like the classic Super Mario Brothers on the NES. The game play itself is not exactly anything mind bending, it’s just clever mechanics as your sack person can move objects and grab things if they’re of the right material.

That part of the gameplay is fun, but isn’t exactly what has me hooked. No, what has me hooked is the ability to create. Not only is your sack person customizable, but you can make your own levels too.

Some players are into the mechanics. I downloaded one level where it played itself. The creator made it so that you don’t have to touch a button. That takes some skills, not on my part, but on his part. It’s like a digital statue or a moving painting.

There’s also the ability to create stories, and my brain right now is working out if I can do this and how I would. You can easily add text either through a magical mouth or with stickers you can put on the background of the wall.

The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a death-defying level with perilous obsticles. It is possible that you can make a level of puzzles with characters to help out or clues in the background.

I also wonder if it is possible to make a level that tells an interesting and engaging interactive story. Someone smarter than me could probably do it. But I’m giving it a try as I play. I’m trying my best to think about it, and figure out how I could do that and have it be interesting and replayable, plus interactive. I bet it could SO be done!

Little Big Planet is really the perfect game for when I need a break from editing or writing because it keeps my imagination going and it reminds me to remember what it’s like to play. Play is just as important as work, and as I start these next few projects, I really need to remember that my writing is just play too.


What do you do when you need a small break between writing? I’m talking like the normal 15 minute-ok-it’s-really-20-minute break every two hours. Do you take those breaks when it comes to writing?