I am a happy writer.

I’m not just saying this because I want to brag. I’m actually saying this because I feel like the odd one out sometimes among writer folks. In short– you all are not always happy people!

What is the deal? Creative types are sort of known for this anyway. We’re generally more sensitive. It helps make great art. It’s what makes us push us to do better. If you’re satisfied with things the way they are, then you aren’t reaching out to be better and that is a problem. I really believe that.

So you see why I’d be worried about being a happy writer? But there’s a trick to it. I’m not just a happy writer, pleased with everything I write. I’m happy when I’m writing, and I’m thrilled when I finish off and start polishing a project.

The realization that happiness comes from writing makes me want to write more. The more I write, the less I focus on those things that make me worried. I also find that the more I write, the easier it is to ignore that inner voice that makes me unhappy by whispering in my ear mean things until they become thoughts that try to derail the writing.

I am pushing forward and with each step forward, I have a little voice that still tells me I can’t do this. It looks for things when we’re reading blogs to point at and say, “See? That person says you can’t do it either. You’re just being delusional.”

It is the strangest sensation to be writing with one hand while the thoughts are completely elsewhere, usually talking down to me as I write, but something in the back of my head knows what to do and what to write. I have no way to explain it if it hasn’t happened to someone else, but I realized that it is what will be the key to my “success.”

The key to my success will be to trust my subconscious self and to ignore my more conscious self. That probably sounds crazy, but it really does work for me. I’ve tested it out, shared my stories with other people, met people through stories I’ve shared. And the ones that do the best start out with my subconscious first. After it’s written, my conscious part can get involved to worry about consistency and grammar. Usually the detail work is a perfect way to get my conscious part to shut up and let me work. Sometimes my conscious part even gets a little surprise by how much she likes what we’ve written. (Which makes her question her judgment. I hate when she does that.)

What will be your key to success?