The other day I went to a friend’s hula class performance/pot luck. I arrived late, but they didn’t start on time so there was actually a lot of milling about that we did in the beginning where I got to meet all of her hula class friends.

For some reason, at one of the people we met, my friend decided to tell her that I write. In short– eek.

I don’t usually tell people I write. Not since school and possibly early college. That was when people would ask, “So what do you want to do?” And then I’d slip it in there with my usual finesse which is to say, none at all.

So I was sort of thrown for a loop when she started asking questions about what I write and when I write and if I have any books out. If I had been prepared, it would have been the perfect time to make a connection and go, “Well, if you’re curious, you should check out my website. Get in touch with me.” The best way to do that would have been to have these babies:

The all-business business cards

In my normal job, I always end conversations by handing prospective tenants my business card which has the address, office hours, and my phone number and name. This is the same idea, but a little bit simplified. I let the cover art speak for itself, made sure the name of the book (which will also be the name of the series) is prominent, and attached two lines of text, the website and my email. In conjunction with a smile and a good conversation, I think this will make a lasting impression.

This is an idea I got from the artists at the conventions I like to visit. It’s been a thing in recent years for artists to make very simply designed cards with only the most important information on them, and so I thought, why not do the same for myself and my writing? The way I see it, I’m like a modern day bard, sharing stories for amusement, entertainment, and hopefully discussion. That’s exactly the way I will present it.

Of course, the next issue is working on my pitch. It’s important to have a general idea of how to do this so that it sounds natural and is adaptable for any situation. My first test run will be at the end of this month when we go to another convention. It may sound like I have things together right here on my blog, but in the real world, I’m still not quite sure how to approach it.

This is only the first part of the idea. The next part will most likely come once the book is out.