I’ve become a smart phone user. I didn’t think it would happen to me. I pretty much work from home (not really, but mostly), and when I go out places, I always forget my phone anyway. But my boyfriend really wanted one. Really really wanted one. Once I was faced with the shiny, I ended up giving in and going for it (while covering my eyes at the price).

At first, I feared it and what it would do to our lives while we both sat at the table over dinner downloading new apps and figuring out how to use the things. Certainly, this would be a new distraction from each other. We already have TV, the internet, and our laptop computers generally getting in the way when we’re at home. Did we really need one more thing?

Then I woke up this morning, early like always, and I realized that I didn’t have to get out of bed to see if I had any new emails. My phone was right there on the night stand, and I could easily check my notifications in a few minutes. Then I could load my google plus app and check over the updates from friends and writing buds.

All of that took about 40 minutes because I was rolling around playing with settings and things, but I can stream line it. I didn’t even get on my computer today at all until an hour before work or so, after I ate breakfast (usually done over the computer), washed the clothes, vacuumed, cleaned the cat litter, took my cat for a walk, and loaded the dishwasher.

Normally, I waste away the morning on my computer, puttering around and doing nothing while constantly clicking my emails for no reason at all. This morning, while I did waste some time playing with my phone, I didn’t waste the entire morning like I’d feared I could. And I like that feeling. It’s almost like being productive.

I’m using an android phone and so far my favorite apps (and widgets) are:

  1. Google + (this includes the widget which makes it easy to update but I haven’t used because I feel guilty about just talking and not listening)
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. The Yahoomail and Gmail apps
  4. Flashlight (so simple, sometimes so handy)
  5. Dropbox (I use that a lot already to sync between two computers and now I can access all those files from my phone)
  6. The calendar widget. It uses my Google Calendar.
  7. Epistle

Overall, this has been handy to me as a normal person, not so much me as a writer, though there are plenty of lists for apps for writers. Most of the things I’ve run across are just the same things over and over. How many note apps does one writer need? That said, it is also handy to find a note app that works best for you and that you feel most comfortable with.

Anyone else have a smart phone? What apps are you using? Has the phone sucked your time or has it made you more efficient?