This is a pile of books I picked up at my local Borders. I also snuck in my Kobo with the decal sticker I bought for it off of Amazon.

Is there really a limit?

There’s no point to it but that I’m showing off. Getting brand new books has always been a treat for me. New books are so expensive for so long. They start out as hard cover, then go to the large and still expensive paperback before they finally get down to a reasonable size and price what seems like years after release.

I just got back from a con, and ideas are still churning in my head. Gave out at least one card to a very nice person who actually asked me about what I did and about the story which gave me a chance to practice my “pitch” as I’m calling it. I also left some business cards at a flyer table.

Plus I put some cards into books I liked or thought were similar to my stories when I was at Borders. Only about 10, but it’s good practice. I did the same when I went to the thrift store at our dump/recycle center. There was a table of books selling for 10 cents a piece– awesome science fiction books from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s a very passive sort of advertising, I know, but that’s cool with me. I’m just getting warmed up.

While at the con, we listened to a band named Waking Wander. They came from a few hours away and sold t-shirts on a small folding table. My friend and I picked up a CD from them because I thought they sounded great and I didn’t want to forget them.

It was an inspiration to see them going so far to get their name out there. Each and every person in the small crowd was someone important to them. Listeners, readers, and watchers all have power, and it’s our job to get the word out there however we can. Nothing can be left unturned and untried. It’s kinda neat and exciting.