Every writer feels like they suck at some point or another. This is usually a reoccurring thing. But what happens when you like the story you’re writing and then question your own taste in stories?

It’s like a hyper version of the regular feeling of inadequacy. It’s a step up. I read my story and I like it, but I can’t believe anyone else will be as easily amused as I am. (Sorry to the beta readers who have been so kind as to read it and more than once too.)

Right now this is part of editing. I really need to be done with this and get it out there so this can be over with. I’m on the verge of being sick of my story, but when I start reading it I start liking it again which keeps making me question my judgment.

It also doesn’t help to read something spectacular when I’m questioning my own taste. At least I do know what’s good (which is different from what I like). And this story was awesome and amazing. If you like science fiction, time travel, and stories about families, this story has all of that plus humor. Funny and touching. It came with rave reviews all along the front cover and they were all right. So worth it! I’m glad I got it, especially because it makes me wish I could write a story that awesome. Someday I will. That’s my goal