A lot of changes on the first run through

Did I put enough action in the story? Could I have put more action and more romance in it?

These are things I ask myself when I’m away from my book. For a while, I was almost scared to look at the story again, fearful that I would see issues with it that my beta readers/editor missed somehow. (Or maybe hadn’t wanted to tell me?)

So I almost avoided looking at the book, but that only lasted so long. With the way all my stories interlink, I HAVE to go back and I have to look at events and re-read how they unfold, who does what, when things happen.

Then I got the print proof in the mail. I had to sit down and read it from cover to cover to look for typos, formatting issues, and anything else I decided that I didn’t want in print.

Let’s put it this way: A second proof was ordered. I hear that’s not uncommon. I mean, after you correct some errors, you want to see the second proof to make sure you didn’t make more errors correcting the first, right?

But even though I had to fix things and order a second proof, you know, I liked reading through the story again. I sat down and read it at work, making corrections and notes with a hot pink sharpie pen I found in my desk. Saturday or Sunday morning, I spent time in bed, finishing the book, reading over that last epilogue again, fearful that I’d messed things up. That epilogue was a risky move on my part. Something I’d thought about for a while, but had not given to my beta readers. (Oooh, confession.)

Once I got to the end, I came away satisfied. It’s strange to ask for money for my stories– no my book. It’s something I’ve put a lot of work into, something that is now also a real, physically solid thing, and I’d like to ask people to support me in my creative endeavors.

In the end, I decided that this book is exactly what I needed it to be. It’s exactly what it should be. No regrets.