The very last proof.

Funny that after my last post, Promotion for Newbies, I’m making this post, but I have great news. The print book is finally done!

Not only is the print book done, but I have sent the companion book, The Two Brothers, out to two different and highly trustworthy beta readers and their feedback has not only been helpful, but actually very positive. It makes me want to push up the release date except that I am still waiting on the new cover and I still have two more beta readers and a proof reader in the editing gauntlet. This cannot be rushed.ย I want to do it right.

So here’s the deal: It has taken me three proofs to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect for the print books. Createspace now gives you a chance to put your book for sale without ordering the proof. I felt pretty confident about this last round, but I still ordered the proof rather than putting it on sale and I’m glad I did! I found an obvious error while I was looking through. So let that be a lesson- order the proof even if you feel you don’t have to.

So here’s what I’m offering– a giveaway. This is for the support system. Feel free to retweet or share this link on Facebook, but this is mostly for you all who have been here with me, helping me out in ways I can’t even express.

All you have to do is comment on this blog entry to have your name put into the drawing to win the final print proof of Ruin. This book looks just like the regular ones, except that it will have “PROOF” written across the last page. Plus, it had at least one actual error that I had to fix before I could approve the book for print.

The back cover.

It’s sort of like finding an old Atari 2600 prototype cartridge at a garage sale for $1. (Okay, maybe it’s not that cool.)

Along with the book, I am offering an advanced copy of The Two Brothers, the companion book for Ruin which is set to be released in December. A physical copy, not a file. This book is still a work in progress as far as I’m concerned, so things may still change before it’s release date. This one is even more like an Atari prototype. ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s give it one week. The deadline for the giveaway will be October 13. Just comment below, and make sure your email address is somewhere so I can contact you to get your address. This giveaway is open to everyone.