It seems there should be a lesson here. You see, I was set to splurge on a bunch of books on Smashwords that I’ve been eyeing. Most are in the $3 range, so it’s a worthwhile investment for hours of entertainment and enrichment. (Yes, I said enrichment!)

But then my niece and nephew took me to a video game store. It’s my weakness. Video games and books are in the same realm for me entertainment wise. Many of the games I like revolve around story, and if they have no story, I end up making one.

Well, they reminded me that there were some games I’ve been wanting for a few years. I’ve been holding off on getting these games for a while in favor of other, cheaper forms of entertainment. Mostly, I think I held off because I don’t want to spend the money on myself.

It’s easy to get into a rut when thinking about what “should” be rather than what is actually wanted. “Oh, you can’t do that,” I’ve told myself from time to time. Sometimes, it’s really freeing to just let that go and do something just because. Like spend a whole bunch of money getting games for systems that are packed away (and will be unpacked soon).

Sometimes you just have to do something for yourself. It doesn’t always have to involve spending money; it just has to be something you thought you couldn’t or shouldn’t do that you go ahead and do anyway.


For the record, the games I bought were Mister Mosquito, Chibi-robo for the Gamecube, and Fatal Frame 1 and 2. Now I get to wait for packages in the mail. Nothing makes me as excited as getting a package in the mail.