What? You didn't notice, did you?


This week, I decided I’d give it a rest and not write anything. It was awesome.

It is so easy to get bogged down focusing on what it seems you should focus on. Yes, writing is super important to me, and my writing work is never done. I have a finished story, but editing is still underway. I also started that new story, and it is being a pain in the butt. There’s a story there, but I’ve had to write in circles to understand it. I’m still not there yet, and I keep feeling like I should be.

That’s why I had to stop this week. I was pushing too hard. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I’ve written in a short amount of time, and I get frustrated thinking I should write more, when I’ve written a lot– for me. This is probably the thing that is easy to forget and hard to ignore at the same time.

When I look at my time spent on pieces, it seems that this is how it goes: a lot of time spent in the beginning playing around to discover characters and plot, then really focused time spent piecing it together, and then I work it into an actual draft.

I am very fond of pointing out how there is no one way to do anything, and yet I still fell into a trap without realizing it. At some point, I started to think I was behind, and that I should be farther along. I’d think of those people who can sit down and just write, and I wanted to be one of them.

So I had to stop this week to let my head clear. I stopped on Monday which was a horrible evil day. I just knew I couldn’t be productive, and so I let it go. Then I let Tuesday go. (Monday was so bad it seemed to extend into Tuesday.) Since I’d let Tuesday go, I decided I might as well let Wednesday go too.

By Thursday, my brain was wanting to do something again. The fog from the pressure I’d put on myself had cleared, and my brain decided it was ready to write some more. I could have opened up my files and started looking through them. I didn’t. Instead, I forced myself to continue with the break for a few days extra.

I’d highly recommend a mental vacation for writing workaholics like me. Even when you think you’d like to get back to work, take a few extra days for yourself.


In my vacation, I played through Chibi-robo. If you have a Wii or a Gamecube, I’d highly recommend it! Cute game, cute characters, fun storyline (even though it’s about a family that nearly breaks up). Now I’m playing Clock Tower for the SNES using a translated rom and an emulator on my phone. Creepy game, but I’m determined to see it through to more than just a dead end.

Also, I’ve worked out a new system for our recycling. Right now we just gather all the junk on our unused kitchen table. I’d like to get rid of furniture that enables our slob-nature.  My new idea involves using a wire shelving system and Rubbermaid totes. My boyfriend seems dubious about the idea, but I’ve told him if we clean up we can have a couch, and that’s our ultimate goal. Clutter, be gone!

How has your week gone?