I have no explanations, only excuses. Mostly, I just don’t wanna. I’m pretty burnt out on people from work, and even though I took a week off, it wasn’t enough! I want another week off, haha.

So in my spare time, I’ve been really into Youtube. I never expected that! Youtube is basically the Amazon of the video world, but completely free. I’ve run across some channels that have made it big, and the people behind those channels have turned it into something more than person in front of webcam. I’ve also enjoyed watching the more basic videos where information is shared, collections are shown off, or things are explained/reviewed.

Here are the channels and playlists that I’ve enjoyed most recently:

1. sxephil. He started doing basic videos years ago starting in 2006, I believe. Well, hey, there’s a wiki page on him. Basically, he just garnered a following as he talked about news and his views on things apparently. The show has gone through some changes over the years. It seems he’s turned it into a business and become much more professional. Now he has another channel called SourceFed which does five small updates a day on interesting new tidbits like strange research studies. From earlier videos, it seems he pretty much spent some time winging it, at one point driving across country and meeting fans as he went. And now he employs people and even has interns. That’s a sign of a burgeoning company when you have interns.

2. The Angry Video Game Nerd (or AVGN). This is not something that’s new to me. I actually heard about this years ago at conventions. I think for the last two years, the one nerd-con I go to had a dedicated viewing room for AVGN. I fianlly sat down to watch it (warning, it’s profanity laden and sometimes downright gross). The key here is that he taps into an experience that all gamers are probably familiar with– that feeling of playing a game that is so awful it actually makes you mad. (Okay, sometimes it’s not an awful game. Sometimes I’m just really awful at it.) But here’s the thing about AVGN: the guy who stars in it and produces the whole thing is actually a bigger film buff. His thing is making movies, and by the time he’d stumbled across AVGN, he’d already been through film school and made 100 films. Now if you looked at his films, they’d be easy to dismiss because of the poor quality. But his passion for stories, filming and fun really come through and AVGN was just an extension of that. It just appeals to people.

There are a few behind the scenes types videos he’s posted on that channel, but here are the two most interesting ones to me: AVGN: What was I thinking!? and ROLFE: A No-Budget Dream. His current project is the AVGN movie which has been completely supported and funded by his fans.

And 3. which is and is not something I’ve watched. The SourceFed channel had some news about a Youtube channel that is getting its own show on Cartoon Network and yet staying true to its roots:

I don’t think it’s possible to really tell what will be a hit and what won’t. You can definitely try. Sometimes it is possible to aim at a target audience (like say you write paranormal romance– there is established preferences among those readers). But often, it seems these things really do happen by accident.