We don’t do trips very often, but we’re doing one this weekend! We’re going to Fanime, an anime convention, for five whole days. This is as close to an actual vacation as we get.

Before I go, a couple of things.

1. Con special!

I hope to one day have a table at this con where I’ll sell my own books. As I only have one book, I didn’t really try very hard to get a table. (Plus, the tables were filled within days.)

Instead, I’ve put The Two Brothers up for free on Smashwords and made Ruin name your own price. Please pass on the word if you’ve enjoyed either of them or take a chance to download them if you haven’t.

The Two Brothers might be going free on other sites for a while until I get this next book out. That sort of makes me feel as if I’ve cheated previous buyers out of $.99, and for that I’m sorry. I’m still experimenting. I hope that those who do spend money realize how much it means to me. The money does help. I’m not exactly breaking the bank with how many I do sell, but so far I have made enough to cover the cost of Ruin’s cover. For that, thank you readers.

2. Have you seen the Gaiman talk?

I know, you probably have. I got this from Amy Rose Davis. Gaiman is an amazing source of inspiration. The best piece of advice I have seen him give over and over is to just write. If you’re not going to write, then don’t write. No whining. He’s like an author version of Yoda.

I admit I haven’t been writing lately. I have ideas, but haven’t wanted to write, so I read, discovered new shows, and played old RPG video games. Ultimately, I realize that it comes down to my own self esteem issues. Fake it until you make it, is my motto, because it works for me. But sometimes I can’t. Sometimes, I do need to put my head in the sand and just let myself be. I think my imaginary characters realize this, so they’ll whisper ideas in my head but generally stand in the background until I’m woman enough to sit my ass down and just do what I’m supposed to.

That said, there is an excitement about writing things. I write stories because I don’t know where they’re going to go. I can write an outline and still come away surprised to see what I write. That excitement is usually more than enough to energize me into working again. I’m hoping that the trip will help with that too.

3. Things I’m enjoying

I have just two things to share: The Guild and Surviving the End

The Guild is on Netflix right now which is how we watched it. It’s a web series, so each episode is actually ten or twenty minutes long, but they put each season into one long episode. If you’re a gamer/online person (Sim friends, I’m looking at you all), I’d suggest checking it out.

Surviving the End has a story by my friend Ashlee Scheuerman. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but so far the stories have been interesting. Each story is tied together through intermissions. I’m curious to see how all these short stories are actually connected and what happened to the world– if we even find out! It’s clear no one knows, and that’s what makes it fun to read.