I am not one for writing prompts. I don’t know, maybe I’m just stubborn. Strange things can prompt an idea, but don’t you dare tell me to write based on a prompt.

Yet here I am pushing this on any and all writing friends. This writing prompt is so simple and open ended that it even got my brain churning. I needed a break from my current project, and this was the perfect chance to write on stuff not tied to any other stories.

Hopefully others will give this a try too. Please spread the word!

A.M. Harte

Senseless ChallengeCalling all short story lovers!

May is National Short Story Month – and therefore the perfect time for an absolutely senseless idea.

Let me explain:

Short stories have a special place in my heart. They’ve helped me dabble with countless ideas, overcome writer inertia, and introduced me to communities like #fridayflash. Most importantly, they’ve helped me hone my craft by focusing on different techniques one at a time… And this where the senseless challenge comes into play.


  1. We have five senses.
  2. May has five Fridays.
  3. Each Friday is dedicated to one of the senses.
  4. On that Friday, you post a flash fiction focusing on that sense.
  5. If you have twitter, tweet about your story with the hashtag #flashsense

Take sight. The story for that week could be about a ghost who can only see, but not hear or feel or smell or taste. On the…

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