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The amount of support I have received has been amazing. Thank you everyone for passing on the link at work, on blogs, and on Facebook even. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get more than twenty downloads– just the friends who’ve been watching and supporting me.

But no, as of now I’m at 150 downloads. (Is it gauche to talk numbers? Oh well, those are all free anyway.) The point has been to get the book out into as many hands/e-readers as possible, and I think that’s been done. Will I hear from anyone? I don’t know, but I’m waiting nervously over here for someone other than those who’ve already read it to say something.

Over the weekend, I brought my ereader to Dad’s house and showed him the book. I’d mentioned it, but I knew until I had something in my hand that I could show him it wouldn’t be anything more than one of those ideas. The front page has a dedication to him (which is ironic considering the relationship of the main character to the man she learns is her father– but he don’t need to know that), and he was very happy and excited for me.

Next little magic trick will be turning the ebook into a real print book. I’ve got the interior done, I think, but I need some help with the cover. I’ve got the art for the front cover, which is large enough for print and has enough DPIs, but I need to work on the spine and the back cover part. Or maybe get someone else to do it for me. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I’m open to them.